5 Interesting Facts About The History Of CBD

Have you consumed CBD? Today, a significant number of people swear by the benefits of…

Have you consumed CBD? Today, a significant number of people swear by the benefits of CBD and CBD-induced products. Due to decades of cannabis being an illegal substance, you might think that CBD benefits are a modern discovery, which is far from the truth. Cannabis used on a medical level dates back to 2737 BC, as documented by Chinese Emperor Sheng Neng. It is documented that the emperor used cannabis-infused tea to address issues like gout, malaria, and rheumatism. While you may have done your homework on the endocannabinoid system and CBD as you endeavor to up your health regimen, you might not have dug deeper into CBD’s history. Here are some interesting facts about the history of CBD to keep you in the know.

Ancient Greeks and cannabis prescription

It is no secret that the Ancient Greeks were pioneers, shaping various faculties that, till date, have influenced inventions. However, you might not know that they prescribed medical cannabis while dealing with various conditions, especially pain. Claudius Galen, a popular philosopher, physician, and surgeon, is among the professionals who recommended medical cannabis to alleviate pain. Today, CBD and pain alleviation association is clear, a concept that has been seen through history and cemented by modern research.

Hemp and agriculture

Agriculture is an integral part of our lives. It dates back to over ten thousand years, but what you might not know is that growing hemp traces back to the same period agriculture was established. A clear indication of the interesting history is during the King Henry VIII era, where a certain piece of agricultural land was dedicated to growing hemp. Through various civilization stages, hemp growing for its medicinal benefits is apparent, contributions that the modern discoveries continue to reinforce.

Prominence and cannabis use

Celebrities and prominent individuals in modern times have come out in support of CBD consumption. That’s not just a thing of today, though. While they weren’t particularly campaigning for cannabis legalization, history has it that prominent people throughout history consumed the plant. One such record shows that Queen Victoria smoked cannabis aimed at alleviating menstrual cramps pain.

CBD discovery

While cannabis and hemp consumption over the years was documented, CBD discovery dates back to the 1940s. Roger Adams, an organic chemist, isolated CBD from the hemp plant. Years later (1960), Raphael Mechoulam, an organic chemist, established what Adams had discovered, describing CBD molecular structure. It is this discovery that established CBD doesn’t hold the psychoactive components responsible for the “high” associated with consuming cannabis. Today, CBD oil drops are recommendable regardless of a user’s age as they don’t make you high. Their usage extends to animals as well.

CBD production

CBD production hasn’t and still isn’t a cheap affair.  While today you can find CBD wholesale services, it doesn’t mean that the process is cheaper. Growing the plant, manufacturing, purification, and supplementary costs can be high. This means that buying the final product tends to be expensive. Established brands rigorously test and purify their CBD products, hence the variance in market prices. While production costs can be partially attributed to the fact that cannabis isn’t universally legal globally, it doesn’t take away the quality standards required to deliver top-class CBD products.

CBD’s future is bright, with more users turning to it for its therapeutic and other benefits. CBD is generally safe, including for animals, and as more information comes to light, its popularity will keep skyrocketing.