Types Of Bed Bases In Melbourne To Perfectly Match The Chosen Mattress

Whenever you are thinking of a bed, people always go for the mattress type. Some…

Whenever you are thinking of a bed, people always go for the mattress type. Some are looking for hypoallergenic mattresses, and others are just looking for the standard orthopaedic mattress. What most people don’t realise is that just like the mattresses, the bed bases in Melbourne have their own share of promising services waiting for you to grab. You always need a good night’s sleep to live a productive and healthy life. So, for that, just like a great mattress, you will need the right bed base to go with it.

Box spring is one option to opt for:

Box springs are quite a popular option as bed bases in Melbourne right from the time the innerspring mattresses came into existence in the early 1990s. An innerspring mattress is what you always think of when the word “bed” comes into your mind.

  • The innerspring mattress will have a series of coils, which are now available in different structures and shapes.
  • Some are associated with varying patterns of spacing for increasing the level of comfort.
  • More coils typically will lead to the comfort level of the bed for sure.

Go in with the foundation bed base:

Another interesting option under the bed bases in Melbourne will be the foundation mattresses. It is more or less similar to that of the box spring as it creates one best base for the mattress to be placed on.

  • But, the main difference is that the foundation bed base won’t have the springs or the coils as a weight supporting mechanism.
  • Instead, the foundation remains as a wooden box with slats that will go across it. That will create a foundation, much like wooden pallets you get to see in warehouses.
  • Later, the structure is wrapped in the fabric, which will match the mattress to just tie it all together.
  • Foundation bed bases in Melbourne are gaining quite some popularity nowadays as they can support heavier mattresses like a hybrid mattress or the memory foam mattress.
  • These mattresses cannot be used with the box spring as the foam can sag and lose shape by just swiping right between coils inside box springs.

Platform bed base:

If you are looking for some other examples under bed bases in Melbourne, then a platform bed frame is another choice to make. It is one popular frame, which will eliminate the need for any foundation or even box spring. It is because the bed frames are made with rows of wooden slats, which are flexible and will support some of the heavy mattresses, such as hybrid or memory foam mattresses.

On the other hand, the platform frames are used commonly with these two mattresses, mentioned just now. The wooden slats will present the right ventilation for these mattresses to breathe and fight off the build-up of mould and mildew.

Go for all the options:

Always make the right decision after you have checked out all the options available. So, waste no time further and get in touch with the best bed bases in Melbourne to give out a try.