Understanding the Value of a WordPress Franchise Plugin

WordPress is a popular option for websites and blogs. In fact, it could be the…

WordPress is a popular option for websites and blogs. In fact, it could be the ideal way to set things up for a franchise operation. Once your site is ready to launch, it makes sense to include a WordPress franchise plugin in the mix. Here are some of the ways that the plugin will make a difference.

Automatically Adds the XML Sitemap to Your Site

Like the name implies, sitemaps provide a way to identify pages and what they contain. Generally, you would need to prepare a sitemap manually, or at least with using tools found in the software used to create the pages. Even with that type of help, there’s still a good bit to be done.

Thanks to the plugin, the sitemap is generated for you. Think of what it would mean if you have a large number of pages on the site. That plugin would save a lot of time, ensure the data was organized, and ready for your review whenever you like.

Easy Tracking of Search Engine Rankings

You can have the most wonderful website in the world, but it accomplishes little if no one ever sees it. That’s where wise use of SEO will make a difference. It’s not just about optimizing the pages, however. You also need to know if your work is producing any results.

The right type of franchised plugin will provide some idea of how well those pages are ranking in the major search engines. Ideally, the pages are showing up near the top, ensuring that more people are seeing them. Making the most of the tools will help you see which pages are ranking higher, and possibly have some idea of what can be done to help other pages do likewise.

Access to Relevant Keywords That Are Currently Trending

You know from personal experience that finding the right keywords is not always easy. How would you like for the keywords to come your way? The right WordPress franchise plugin can make that happen.

You’ll have access to hundreds of trending keywords that have some relevance to each of your pages. Some plugins will provide as many as a thousand keyword suggestions. That helps reduce the amount of time needed to choose the best ones by a significant margin.

Easier to Gather Data About Site Visits and Who’s Looking at Your Content

Tracking data about site visits is important. You want to know how long people are staying on each page, and how many pages they visit. it also helps to get an idea of whether they go back to some pages for second looks. Best of all, you want to collect enough data so you have an idea of what sort of visitors are showing up at your site.

This information helps you know if the site is reaching the type of consumer you have in mind. If so, then all is well. When that’s not the case, you can use the data to refine and revise content until it’s a better fit for the target audience.

If you’ve not considered the idea of a plugin for your WordPress franchise site, now is the time to explore the possibilities. You may fine this to be one of the best decisions that you make this year.